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My bills



Fast, cheap and on time. My Bills service is an alternative to paying your bills at a post office or in a bank. Due to the collaboration of RUCH and BillBird, you can now pay your bills in kiosks and newsagent’s stores.

Standing in queues is no longer necessary, and the transaction is safe and easy. You can pay your bills for energy, phone, gas, cable connection and other services in a kiosk or newsagent’s store of your choice. You can choose from over 2,000 RUCH points of sale.

pay your bills
on your way


  • visit a kiosk and give the bill you want to pay to the salesperson,
  • the salesperson will scan the bill data,
  • the amount including the calculated commission will be shown on the terminal screen,
  • accept the amount and pay by cash,
  • pick up the confirmation of payment from the salesperson and save it.


CHEAP. Pay at RUCH points of sale and save on commission.
SAFE. Your cash reaches the bank account within 2 days.
FAST. You can pay your bills when doing your daily shopping.
NEARBY AND ON YOUR WAY. In over 2,200 kiosks.


Energy 0,99 zł 1,25 zł 1,99 zł ENEA, PGE RZEPGE Białystok, TAURON, PGE, ENEA, ENERGA, RWE Polska
Gas 1,99 zł PGNiG
Telephone 0,99 zł 1,99 zł Sferia, Orange Polska, NETIA, PLUS, T-Mobile, PLAY, NOM, MNI Telecom
TV 1,99 zł Cyfrowy Polsat, NC+, UPC, Multimedia, ITI Neovision, TOYA, Vectra, Sat Film
Loans and insurance 0 zł
1,99 zł
4 life Direct Żagiel, Crédit Agricole, Plus Bank, Bank BPH, TU Compensa, PZU Życie, AVIVA, TU Alianz, Sygma Bank, GSU
Other 1,99 zł MasterCard Topup (over  PLN 400, a 0,5 %  commission is charged) Reader’s Digest, IMP, De Agostini, Avon, Oriflame, DotPay, Solid, RTV bills

*A detailed commission list is available above. If the amount of the bill exceeds PLN 1,000, apart from the specified commission you will pay an additional transaction fee of 0.3% of the payment value. The additional charge does not refer to: Netia, WIK Opole, 4 Life Direct, PAH, WOŚP, Sferia, Fortum and MasterCard.

Pay your bills here

Enter street
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