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Press distribution

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WE SUPPLY PRESS everywhere

RUCH delivers press to over 20,000 points of retail sale on a daily basis. We supply, among others, kiosks and newsagent’s stores, as well as neighbourhood stores and supermarkets.

20 000 POINTS



  • A wide choice of press titles – we collaborate with ca. 850 publishers and sell over 3,500 newspapers and magazines.
  • Individual choice of product range – in order to meet the expectations of our Partners, we have implemented a system which will generate an individual press offer on the basis of a description of a point of sale. The  description relates to such aspects as the location, type and size of the point, thanks to which RUCH can prepare a custom-made offer of titles. Such a solution helps maximise the profits of our Partners.
  • Professional service for business Partners – our representatives help our Partners improve their press range and provide advice on choosing the titles which will suit the character of the local business.
  • Effective management of the press offer – RUCH uses the most effective system of press apportionment in Poland. It allows us to quickly react to the actual sales, which results in an automatic decrease of apportionment in the case of a low sales level in a point of sale or in an automatic increase in apportionment when all titles delivered to the point are sold out. Additionally, we offer the so called guaranteed sales, thanks to which the Partner can immediately include the titles of their choice in their press offer.
  • Professional display of press – as part of our collaboration offer, we provide furniture and other display materials suitable for a given point of sale. Not only do they successfully attract the attention of customers, but they are also light and clear. Thanks to them, our Partners maintain uniform standards of press display.
  • Flexible financial terms of the contract – join us!
3 500 TITLES