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Car insurance


Car insurance

Vehicle insurance does not have to pose a challenge. Now you can cover your car with a policy while doing small shopping, provided that you do it in a specially marked RUCH kiosk or newsagent’s store.

In collaboration with Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe BENEFIA [BENEFIA Insurance Company], RUCH has prepared packages of vehicle insurance policies at attractive prices: third-party liability insurance (OC), comprehensive insurance (AC), personal accident insurance (NNW) and assistance insurance (ASS). In order to calculate the policy, you need to show your vehicle registration card and the police insurance will be generated within seconds. The custody of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority over RUCH guarantees safety of the customers’ data.



  • attractive price – 80% discount for damage-free drivers,
  • wide offer (individual policies and packages),
  • time saving (calculation of the premium takes just a few seconds),
  • minimum of formalities (the quote is generated on the basis of the vehicle registration card),
  • guarantee that the price remains unchanged for 12 months (applies if there are no damages from the moment of calculation to the day of purchasing the insurance policy).




Visit a specially marked kiosk or newsagent's store.
Give your vehicle registration card to the salesperson.
The salesperson will scan the QR code from your document.
Wait for a few seconds.
A terminal connects with the databases of Benefia and Ubezpieczeniowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (Insurance Guarantee Fund) in order to check your discounts and your insurance history.
Pick up the offer and buy the insurance policy.
The salesperson will print the offer in the form of a receipt. If you decide to buy the insurance, it will take about 2 minutes to issue the policy confirming the purchase.

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