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Our great power lies in our range of press titles. RUCH offers over 3,500 newspapers and magazines, including the most popular dailies, weeklies, biweeklies as well as monthly magazines. Kiosks and newsagent’s stores sell goods other than regional or all-Poland press, too. The range of products is adjusted to the local needs of our customers. The wide range of press titles is complemented by books, calendars, maps and other non-press products, such as albums or UEFA Champions League stickers.

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Food products

RUCH points of sale offer a wide choice of food products – various snacks, sweets, chewing gums as well as beverages and juice from the best manufacturers. High quality and taste are what you need on the way home or during a walk. Buy the most popular products at a good price.

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Cosmetics etc.

Customers love doing their small shopping at RUCH kiosks and newsagent’s stores. The range of everyday products is very rich. Basic cosmetics or over-the-counter medicines are just an example. Our customers can also visit RUCH if they want to buy household chemicals, personal care products, stationery and toys.


Tobacco products

Tobacco enthusiasts will find over 200 kinds of cigarettes of well-known brands, smoking accessories, as well as WRC tobacco products: cigarettes, cigarettes tubes, rolling papers and tobacco.

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tobacco products

Public transport tickets and post stamps

Public transport users will find tickets in RUCH kiosks and newsagent’s stores. They can also top up their monthly tickets there. Drivers will have an opportunity to charge their parking cards. Additionally, every point offers post stamps for uncertified A-size letters of up to 350 g (nominal value of PLN 1.75). You can buy postcards at RUCH as well.

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A full range of products and services, plus surprises, for pre-paid phone users! You can top up your pre-paid phone in RUCH points of sales (and purchase international call packages) or buy starters offered by all mobile network operators active on the polish market. Whether you pay by cash or by card, everything is fast and easy. Thanks to strategic cooperation of RUCH with mobile network operators, our customers can get even more from their pre-paid phones and participate in periodical promotional campaigns.

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