KCI S.A., the main shareholder of Gremi Media SA, acquired a 5% stake in Lurena Investments, a holding company RUCH S.A. In turn, Loverose Ltd., the company’s main shareholder RUCH S.A., purchased a 5% stake in Gremi Media S.A.

The transaction is aimed at developing cooperation between entities. It lasts from 2014, when RUCH S.A. has become a significant shareholder of the e-Kiosk S.A. the company operating within the Gremi group, the leader in the distribution of digital press. Both companies also intensively cooperate on the press and digital subscription market in Poland.

– Once again, we combine the expertise of one of the largest distributors of the press with the leading Polish media group. Cooperation between eKiosk and RUCH S.A. remains effective for several years, which allows us to optimistically assess the potential of wider cooperation. This will not, however, focus on the standard distribution. Both companies will work together primarily in the area of e-commerce training, conferences or projects – emphasizes Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, the main shareholder of Gremi Media S.A.

– Both companies are dynamically expanding their area of operations, going beyond the traditional press market. We believe that joint cooperation will not only allow to benefit from the competence and experience of the other partner in the press market, but also help to launch other business initiatives – adds Igor Chalupec, the main shareholder of RUCH S.A.

Mutual capital involvement of RUCH S.A. and Gremi Media S.A. confirms the strong market position and high ambitions of both companies.