Due to the repeatable and regular character of orders, the transport cost of a package is only PLN 5.90, and for the next 3 weeks it is only PLN 1.

The chain of RUCH kiosks and newsagent’s stores includes ca. 2 200 points of sale which are open from dawn until late evening hours, including Saturdays. The kiosks are located in the busiest spots of towns, on the routes which customers cover almost on a daily basis. They may be found in smaller towns, too – in the places where customers are provided with services by a trusted agent they know well. This aspect is a chance to break the barriers of concern even in the case of the most conservative consumers – e-purchases operated by a trusted seller are something completely different.

E-commerce market in Poland develops extremely fast. It requires effective channels of distribution of the increasing number of packages. RUCH supplies press to over 22,000 points of sale throughout Poland on a daily basis, from big cities to small villages. Our cars cover 870 routes every day, with 3 million km in a month. Now, they will also distribute the products ordered by the Oriflame consultants. I am sure they will also be pleased with the quality of the Package in RUCH service“.

Dariusz Stolarczyk, RUCH S.A. Vice President

Oriflame is an international cosmetics company which has been providing direct sales in Poland for 23 years. The business model offered by the company allows both the consultants and their clients to be inspired by the people they know and trust. It is also a convenient and reliable way of personal and professional development, which evokes the feeling that you are a member of a friendly community with a global outreach.

Oriflame is not only a company which offers great cosmetics, but also a community of dynamic people who believe in what they do. Our consultants meet many clients on a daily basis, thanks to which more and more people share delight in our products and use the opportunity to gain additional income from sales. This is why we undertake a number of actions whose aim is to facilitate the work of our consultants. One of them is providing more convenient and cheaper package delivery. Package at RUCH is such a service”.

Artur Spała, Orifmale Operations Director for Central Europe and Poland

Picking up the orders via Package at RUCH is available from the moment of issuing Catalogue 10/2014.