The previous owner of RUCH S.A., Eton Park Capital Management, decided in March this year to liquidate its activities, including the withdrawal from RUCH S.A. Eton Park and Chairman of the Board of RUCH S.A. Igor Chalupec signed a letter of intent assuming the takeover of the Company.

Purchase transaction – conditioned, among others, on the consent of the President of UOKiK – should take place at the latest at the turn of July and August this year. In addition, RUCH S.A. does not rule out raising funds for the development of its activity after closing the transaction.

Indirect acquisition of RUCH S.A. by Mr. Igor Chalupec will ensure continued success of the strategy implemented by the Company that assumes reduction of dependence on falling product categories (newspapers, tobacco, tickets) and offers on a larger scale the logistics and courier services (Parcel in Ruch). This year alone RUCH S.A. plans to handle 6 million parcels, which means a two and a half times increase compared to last year. RUCH S.A. plans to continue to develop the retail business by introducing, among others, a new, more attractive format of sales places. The transaction will also allow the preservation of Polish ownership of the Company.