RUCH S.A. has acquired over 28% of shares in e-Kiosk S.A. in exchange for

Based on an agreement with Presspublica Sp. z o.o., RUCH S.A. has become an important shareholder in e-Kiosk S.A. (the leader of the distribution of digital press under the brands of and in exchange of

The market of digital press and e-books has seen a major growth in the past two years. Data shows that the growth rate of e-press in Poland is expressed in double digits, which means that there is clear demand for professional service of the readers as well as the publishers in this regard. RUCH, which has been a specialist in the sale of the press for 95 years, noticed this clear trend and decided to invest in the dynamically developing e-Kiosk S.A.

“The investment in e-Kiosk is beneficial for RUCH, but it is also good news for the wide publishing market. Thanks to the acquired know-how, we will be able to sell the press even better, among other things, by creating a complementary offer of paper and electronic subscription.” says Dariusz Stolarczyk, Vice President of RUCH S.A.

The investment by RUCH S.A. confirms both the current position of e-Kiosk S.A. in the market of digital content distribution and the dynamic growth prospects in the coming years. The cooperation between the two companies will benefit the publishers and the readers, as it will make it possible to actively promote readership of the press and books in a mixed “paper-digital” model.

“This is a groundbreaking event which marks the beginning of a new era of dynamic development of readership of digital press and digital publications in Poland. Thanks to the partnership with RUCH S.A., we will be developing and implementing the latest technologies, thus fulfilling the expectations of the Readers and the Publishers as well. What has also grown considerably is the range of promotional activities for e-press and e-books which may be conducted in close cooperation with Ruch S.A.” opines Dariusz Bąk, President of e-Kiosk S.A.