‘Paczki w Ruchu’ network has over 3700 well-located Pick-Up locations. The growing number of Clients prefer to get parcels in person rather than waiting at home or in the office. It is simply more convenient.

– Only a few years ago our clients did not have many alternatives to delivery by courier. The emergence, popularization and dynamic development of the Pick-Up Points has recently changed this situation. We are very happy about it, since it is a convenient and affordable form of delivery, and that’s what shopping in Allegro is all about – it has to be fast, nice, trouble-free and at a reasonable price – says Michał Marcińczyk, Corporate Development Senior Manager at Allegro.

– From month to month, the availability of ‘Paczka w Ruchu’ is increasing as a delivery option. We are already trusted by thousands of both very large and small retailers – says Sports Minister Robert, director of ‘Paczka w Ruchu” services.

‘Paczka w RUCHu’ locations are usually RUCH kiosks and salons or partner stores locations. Relatively long working hours are common to all locations. This allows customers to receive parcels throughout the day.

– What distinguishes us is the attractive price and the constantly growing network of Collection Points located throughout the country, both in larger cities and small towns. The joint campaign of free deliveries option from Allegro gives us the opportunity to show the strength of our Shipping and Pick-Up Points. This is a great solution for sellers on Allegro as well as for buyers – adds Robert Giersz.

The campaign in the Fashion, Children’s Clothing and Footwear category will last until the end of April. It starts every Friday at noon and lasts all weekend until the end of the day on Sunday.